Service Recovery for the PR win

Service Recovery. At first I thought it sounded like blather, just another business babblespeak phrase. As it turns out, service recovery is a much needed and under used aspect of PR. Communications > Marketing If you’ve read this far you’re […]

When Company Failures Become Public (Relations) Problems

Why are “lack of public relations” scandals and failures called PR problems? Spoiler alert: Rant ahead. This op-ed in USA Today on the latest Penn State woes prompted this rant, in part because of headlines calling the situation and Barron’s letter […]

PR, Marketing, More: Observations from the Lido Deck

Here’s the problem with vacation: my brain goes with me. Oh to be on a cruise Once again my vacation of choice this year was a Carnival cruise. Snorkeling, cocktails, sun, sleep, food, fun, reading, napping.. the usual suspects all present […]

Porter Beer Bar: Awareness, On Tap

Clueless That was me. Until I started Googling, hitting up Yelp and TripAdvisor, I hadn’t heard of the Porter Beer Bar – and it was top ranked all over the place. Mini review: Good service. Clever touches. Smart, value-driven pricing. Killer beer […]