In Memoriam: The 9-to-5 Workday

Among the many losses of 2016, the perfunctory 9-to-5 workday bid its final farewell after an oft reported, slow death. Born of the Industrial and Intellectual ages, the 9-to-5 was a bygone reminder of simpler times. It prompted nightmare commutes, […]

Work Is Where The Brain Is

Totally buying the conspiracy theory (can’t find link?!) that the Yahoo! memo was leaked on purpose – to get people talking about Yahoo!. Ahem. The so-called “Cons” of working at home Sparked by the Yahoo! memo this USA Today article […]

Productivity, Internet Browsers, Apps and My ADHD

Whether you’re a three-monitor system multi-tasker or not, I think what’s ON the screen also plays into your productivity. (By the way, I’ve got the nice 24″ screen with different Spaces, and my iPad in arm’s reach.) Multi-Taskers Unite! Multiple […]

Confessions of a Timeshifter: Making It Work

I typed this while watching TV on Hulu. Maybe it was Castle, 24 or old episodes of whatever. I am also: On Twitter via TweetDeck and Echofon. Checking email. Reading and posting on lots blogs, using my Google reader. And […]