When Company Failures Become Public (Relations) Problems

Why are “lack of public relations” scandals and failures called PR problems? Spoiler alert: Rant ahead. This op-ed in USA Today on the latest Penn State woes prompted this rant, in part because of headlines calling the situation and Barron’s letter […]

DIY Fire logs and other Untapped Resources

It’s spring and I want to plant flowers. With that, a post drafted last winter. Enjoy. Some brand has introduced toilet paper rolls without the cardboard center: marketing idea is less waste, more environmentally friendly. First time I saw that […]

From Glass Houses to Oscar Red Carpet: Social Judgement

This post started eons ago with this Twitter is the Anti-Social Media story about the New England Patriot’s social media foibles, trying to game engagement and brand management with a ‘retweet’ campaign that – predictably – went really wrong really fast. “What is […]