Everything Ends. Is Your Business Ready For It?


Everything ends. There’s a time and place for everything, then that changes. The beginning of the end. Again. Creative destruction. Progress. AI and automation taking jobs or closing businesses. Call it what you will, but unless you make a profit […]

Fun is Fun: What I learned on Summer Vacation

It’s not exactly a 3rd-grader’s goals for the year, but if a kid can get away with this, why not? A few things I figured out this summer. Planning Pays Off * I’m a planner, makes things easier (usually). When […]

Limits are AWESOME!

Please Make it Stop. I’m over the tweetable ‘Stop Sucking’ memes. Don’t want to read another ‘Be Epic’ blog post. Tired of the ‘Go Awesome or Go Home’ schtick. It’s more empty ‘aim for the stars’ quiptoids, bad business advice you should […]

What is YOUR Super Bowl?

Before the Big Game I was tweeting that it’s the Oscars for Advertising. Even more so in the Age of Social Media Madness, this one Sunday brings out marketing’s biggest and brightest. Ad Watching, Spectator Sport Everyone has their favorites, […]

Plan. Or Else.

Kicking off 2013 with (hopefully) a short and sweet little rant. I’ll get to my obligatory resolutions post later. Or screw, that .. two birds, one stone: This will be The Plan AND Resolutions post. Resolutions are all about The Plan, […]