Shiny New Year, Same Old Resolutions

Every shiny, happy new year, it’s the same old – or middle-aged – story of making then failing at NY resolutions. I turn the page to the new year (now 2017), flip my middle fingers to the old (nee 2016) and […]

The Scariest Question in Business

For me the scariest, most dreaded question at any business networking event is “So what do you do?” What do I do? I LIVE. My not-an-elevator-pitch answer – because 1) I do more than work; and 2) I’m a human who prefers to […]

Facebook for Work: Not All Business

When it comes to building my career, I don’t ‘get’ as much from social media as others, or at least, that’s how it feels. Times Change. Maybe I should too. One network to rule them all. Dumb idea I had OUAT. […]

5 Pointers for Getting the Most from a Conference

Yeah, it’s a list. Judge away. WIIFM Why are you going to a conference? Either you’re interested in learning something new or maybe rubbing elbows with thought leaders. Could be you’re looking for a target-rich environment. Even if TPTB sent […]