DIY Fire logs and other Untapped Resources

It’s spring and I want to plant flowers. With that, a post drafted last winter. Enjoy. Some brand has introduced toilet paper rolls without the cardboard center: marketing idea is less waste, more environmentally friendly. First time I saw that […]

Three Thoughts for Thursday

Along the lines of inspiration coming from anywhere, a post can come from a beer tasting and a movie. Kinda freeform ideas, FWIW: 3 thoughts on business:  1. Innovation. Went to the Red Brick Brewing for a beer tasting was […]

What is YOUR Super Bowl?

Before the Big Game I was tweeting that it’s the Oscars for Advertising. Even more so in the Age of Social Media Madness, this one Sunday brings out marketing’s biggest and brightest. Ad Watching, Spectator Sport Everyone has their favorites, […]

Forget the MBAs and Consultants, Hire a Chef

Per my resolution to do something different, a book review. Hitting the Books [stextbox id=”alert” float=”true” align=”right” width=”260″ bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”eeedf2″ image=”null”]Side note: I hope libraries and publishers can make nice. Of course authors and publishers need to make livings – but with paper […]

The Gerber Baby Syndrome

Managing Expectations Not sure who started that idea, the ‘ideal’ expectations we have for things and the management they require. My mother, a nursery and NICU nurse for 25 years, told me about the “Gerber baby” syndrome. Sometimes people expect a […]