iPhone blog: The Summary Edition

I decided to do a Reader’s condensed version of my iPhone entries.

First, I covered the iPhone 3G and price changes announcement. Thought it was a mistake at the time, but as time told, not so much. Existing phone owners were able to resell their old ones to cover the cost of the new one (though they still paid twice what a qualifying newcomer did). And I wondered why anyone would still want a iPod touch, other than love of their Crackberry or hate for AT&T. Everything worked out okay, and I ate some crow.

Apple and the Missed Market Opportunity or Why Steve Jobs Needs to Call Me

The Number One reason I cannot convince folks to switch to MAC may not be what you think. It isn’t exactly “Price” or “the MAC cannot do everything.” They are easy to find, available in more Places than ever: Apple Stores, online and even some Best Buy locations.

No it is the other “P” of the marketing mix, Product: Apple does not make their computer, which is to say an Average Joe Portable Desktop Replacement.