My LinkedIn Policy, Revisited

First, second, 45th most – to each, his or her own. We all have our way of using, doing, being social. Online and off. This be mine. Like a robo-call from telemarketing hell, the LinkedIn Request from a total stranger […]

The Random Me blog post

Reading Michael Hyatt’s take on writing, the discipline to just sit down and do it, I thought: I must blog. Today! About what I had no idea, but then it hit me. Last week I let folks put a voice […]

An EIEIO for Social Media

What we learn as kids sticks with us, right? Look both ways. It’s good to share. Old MacDonald had a farm. Bill Seaver, who knows from blog content, posted over on Social Media Examiner that I could learn social media from […]

My Evil Blogging Plan: Keep it Short and Sweet

Inspired … okay, guilt tripped by last week’s #SoloPR twitter chat, I am writing a short, sweet blog post. Seth Godin has tons of readers and followers because he writes well, intelligently, and more often than not, concisely. But I am […]

You’re Just a Tool, Social Media

Twitter may be Gini Dietrich’s favorite social media tool, but she’s also seeing the power of video and YouTube. Unless you’ve been in hiding, chances are familiar with these Big Dogs including Facebook and LinkedIn. What else is out there? A […]