I Keep My Own Agency

My Klout is low, my influencers ‘so and so.’ My Blog is under-read, probably not enough about Bacon! My SEO and inbound marketing make Dyson jealous. My ‘social proof’ is lacking, I’ve peaked, hit the social plateau. Yada yada. I’m intrigued […]

My influence can beat up your influence.

Back from SoSlam, a copy of Return on Influence sits on my desk, just waiting to be read. Influence. WTH does a Klout score mean anyway? According to reports, Klout and PeerIndex really measure something else. My default position: it doesn’t measure influence so much as […]

Influence Shminfluence

Been considering influence and Twitter scoring a while as this post toiled away in drafts, then got ‘scooped’ by the damn New York Times over the weekend. Sheesh. Is influence a myth? Oprah liked a book, it sold millions, the […]