Why “Bring Me Solutions” Policies are Bad Business

“Bring me solutions” policies are bad for business and should be retired. It’s unrealistic, manipulative, lazy.  Humans have problems. Customers do, companies do, computers do. Employees and stakeholders need proactive leadership, not reactionary order takers. Employees lack authority and resources. Problems […]

Dear Human Resources: Brains Are Not Paper


Brains on paper. That’s what a resume, or a PDF upload, is. NOT. If I Only Had A Brain… Every time I see the “More Than Brains” ad for University of Phoenix I think, wrong. The commercial draws viewers in with the […]

Being a Good Employee: You’re Doing It Wrong.

I’ve always been a good employee and a (would-be) overachiever. More accurately I’m an over-doer, trying for ‘greatness’ which is why I’ve edited this post too much and need to hit ‘publish’ already. Ahem. The Catch. Always one of those. Any […]

You Have No Choice

no choice

“No other choice?!” That’s me, getting ready for possibly the most dreaded election day in U.S. history. I pulled up my sample ballot, to research the issues – which prompted this post. Much of what impacts daily lives happens closer to […]

DIY Fire logs and other Untapped Resources

It’s spring and I want to plant flowers. With that, a post drafted last winter. Enjoy. Some brand has introduced toilet paper rolls without the cardboard center: marketing idea is less waste, more environmentally friendly. First time I saw that […]