Meme Me and other bad Social Media ideas

I interrupt my blog procrastination to state the obvious: if you’re going to DO social, then you should actually BE social. Or at least you – or your paid PR team – should have have a passing understanding of how SM […]

You’ve come a long way baby. Or Not.

Gini Dietrich just did a wonderful post on women and equality in the workplace. All about how both genders need to step up to the professionalism, close those gaps. Then there’s this. The Crime: Summer’s Eve tells women the way […]

Rant Alert: Dear Dry Cleaners, Suck Less Dammit!

I rarely use my professional blog for a personal story or diatribe, but when something crosses over to my world of marketing and public relations, it’s fair game. Long story short: a local dry cleaner (misnamed “Dependable Cleaners” of Smyrna, […]