Facebook for Work: Not All Business

When it comes to building my career, I don’t ‘get’ as much from social media as others, or at least, that’s how it feels. Times Change. Maybe I should too. One network to rule them all. Dumb idea I had OUAT. […]

Google+. One network to rule them all?

I used to think that what Facebook was doing ‘wrong’ was not giving people more control over their audiences, what they share with whom. Is Twitter random? I agree with most of Mitch Joel’s points on Twitter, but for the […]

Of Facebook, Freebies and Fan’s Choice

I’ve liked movies and bands, TV shows and websites as part of establishing my Facebook ‘profile’ – a means of letting friends see some of my current interests, the stuff I like, places I’ve been. I don’t however spend a […]

The Random Me blog post

Reading Michael Hyatt’s take on writing, the discipline to just sit down and do it, I thought: I must blog. Today! About what I had no idea, but then it hit me. Last week I let folks put a voice […]