Creative Ownership: It’s Still a Thing.

Stealing aka taking something that’s not yours. We learned that as kids, seem to have forgotten it as adults and business ‘professionals’ – especially regarding creative ownership. But it’s on the Internet. [Said in grating whine.] It’s one thing to […]

Three Ways To Get New clients (or not)

I’m evil with my SEO bait, RSS friendly headline. Really these are the three easiest ways to spot the tire kickers and looky-loos. 1. Tell ’em it costs money. Easiest way to scare away new business. When you get the […]

A Week in Bad PR: Object Lessons from the Dark Side

Social media and the Interwebs are teaching me a lot about communication, what works and what doesn’t in Public Relations and Marketing.  This week offered examples of good, bad and unethical PR practices. Good. Since several stories of bad Public […]