Creative Ownership: It’s Still a Thing.

Stealing aka taking something that’s not yours. We learned that as kids, seem to have forgotten it as adults and business ‘professionals’ – especially regarding creative ownership. But it’s on the Internet. [Said in grating whine.] It’s one thing to […]

Corner of What and Ever: The Writer’s Block

Been on a resolution kick to up the blog, but stumped. Have a few things in draft but nothing ready to publish. And I’m already feeling some burn out, can’t get how those who crank out posts every day. I […]

@OldSpice, Why does women’s advertising suck?

There have already been tons of articles written about last week’s Old Spice YouTube-palooza, so I’m going to try to take this back to small business marketing. httpv:// Yes the Old Spice social media and advertising campaign was about engagement and […]