Waste Not, Want More.

Got a form letter from my cellular carrier. It’s one of the Big Ones, sent from the “Senior Vice President” no less, of “Customer Experience.” Useless does not begin to describe this thing. It’s textbook, How NOT to Design a Direct […]

Brand Image is in the eye of the Beholder.

Can’t help it, the Macklemore-Ryan Lewis tune “Thrift Shop” is one of my jams. Fun, catchy and it makes a pretty keen observation on marketing to our consumer culture: “$50 for a t-shirt? I call that getting swindled and pimped. I […]

Captive Audience, meet Wasted Opportunity

Meetings. Events. Conferences. Presentations. What gathers us here? Whether it’s orientation for employees, introduction of new product lines, the national convention for franchisees, or a social media conference, meetings and events are developed to accomplish that most ‘basic’ of business […]

Does your business (cards) pass the WIIFM Test?

As a communications consultant, I collect business cards. Luncheons, evening mixers, business events. As a designer, I always toss a few into the “You’re Doing It Wrong” pile. WIIFM You want customers that stick, then you have to think like the […]