Thank you for your comment. Now shut up. WTH?

My love of blog comments is well documented. Find my comments almost anywhere, you’ll see some love for comments: how they build networks, inspire new posts, make you laugh, learn and think. One nice benefit of commenting, you win shit. How […]

This blog is wide open. Spammers attack.

Okay not really. I’ve got a virtual brigade of anti-spam plugins, strategically deployed to zap that crap. That Gini Dietrich is always making me think. (Hate that.) After her post on moderating blog comments, I unmoderated my blog. Since then I […]

No Comment.

I know of some smart people in social media who “get it” whatever the hell the “It” really is. Everyone has their own style of blogging, which is fine. No.. I’m full of crap. (Been sitting on this a while, […]