Social Sharing: Tweeting Is The New Blog Comment

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Social Sharing is the new blog comment. Or at least when I share something online – typically Twitter though sometimes Google+ and/or LinkedIn – that share includes my two cents, nee comment. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That When blogging […]

Do you know where your comments are?

I miss the Backtype (bought by Twitter) Connect profiles that worked so nicely with the My Comments Elsewhere plug-in. It was a great way to show your audience exactly what blogs you were not only reading, but upon which you were […]

Queen to abdicate throne.

I’ve been getting complimented and/or heckled about my plethora of comments littering the Internets. THIS much commenting was NOT part of my plan – just happened. Very addictive, all of this chatting and talking; nothing beats having people tell you […]

Blogging the Great Debate. Should I call bullshit?

Been reading the likes of Mitch Joel, Gini Dietrich, Danny Brown for a while. Lots of discussion on commenting and community, echoey chambers and debate. Mark W. Schaefer took a look at his post comments and found that we’re not […]