What to blog about today? I know.. blogging.

Confession: The draft pile is looking pretty anemic – lots of ideas scattered about too many posts, nothing ‘publish’ worthy – and I’m trying to build in some wiggle room. (With a dread “blogging about blogging for blogging’s sake” post no […]

Do you know where your lurkers are?

Lurkers are the silent majority; Creators, loud minority; and curators (or amplifiers) somewhere in the middle. Everyone with a role to play. Cliques. Diehards. Fandoms. These people comment, who tweet and RT, who blog and reblog – the few that […]

Feel the Power: Blogging

Most of my F&F roll their eyes at blogging. Even those who spend hours each week on Facebook, commenting on sports message boards, all matter of ‘online’ activities – they still have little respect for the blogging arts. Reach out […]