My Evil Blogging Plan: Keep it Short and Sweet

Inspired … okay, guilt tripped by last week’s #SoloPR twitter chat, I am writing a short, sweet blog post. Seth Godin has tons of readers and followers because he writes well, intelligently, and more often than not, concisely. But I am […]

Blog or Rant: What’s the Difference, Damnit?!

I loves me a good rant. Scott Stratten at Unmarketing, Bad Pitch Blog, Danny Brown and many others have written great rants on social media and public relations. Going through several unpublished blog drafts, I moved more than a half […]

All dressed up, nowhere to Tweet.

Confession*: I am one of those folks who turns off, shuts down, unplugs and walks away from time to time.  Could be that I’m on a deadline and want to avoid distractions, or doing some slacking like … sleeping or […]