Death to FREE E-Crap Popup Ads

“Quickest way to get me to NOT read the post you tweeted: cover it with a popup ad for your e-crap.” I started to tweet this yesterday, then I remembered I tweeted that last week, dammit! Do not pass go, […]

For Love of the Blogroll: Follow Friday edition

Yesterday Hubspot suggested deleting the blogroll from a blog’s sidebar. Sidebars can get junky with too many widgets, but I look to blogrolls to find new bloggers and likes me a good, current blogroll. So I’ve updated mine. Expose the […]

I’m baaack! What’d I miss?

All work and no play makes for some cranky Twittering, right? I went on a vacation last week, had lots of fun and enjoyed a much-needed break from work. (Now I started drafting this blog post during some downtime but […]

Southern Public Relations Federation: Evolution 2010

I was so flattered and honored to be invited to present at @SPRF2010, the Southern Public Relations Federation 2010 Conference. By way of a bibliography and environmentally friendly handout, I’ve linked all the Twitter and blog pages here on this […]