You’ve come a long way baby. Or Not.

Gini Dietrich just did a wonderful post on women and equality in the workplace. All about how both genders need to step up to the professionalism, close those gaps. Then there’s this. The Crime: Summer’s Eve tells women the way […]

@OldSpice, Why does women’s advertising suck?

There have already been tons of articles written about last week’s Old Spice YouTube-palooza, so I’m going to try to take this back to small business marketing. httpv:// Yes the Old Spice social media and advertising campaign was about engagement and […]

FlashForward Marketing: The Future of Your Campaign

I’ve read so many great posts on the metrics of marketing, public relations and social media campaigns. This week Chris Penn had one of the simplest, smartest analogies I have read in a while: “Diagnostic metrics tell you how the […]

Think Global, Pitch Local Atlanta

Public Relations delivers great value for business, whether it’s managing a crisis or building stronger relationships. For a small business that cannot afford expensive advertising and promotional campaigns, public relations–smart PR, that is–can make a big difference. Thanks to the […]