Take the Mass out of Marketing?

There are always exceptions but I don’t get some ‘mass’ marketing. Unless you’re selling something any and every consumer wants and needs to buy — i.e. toilet paper because yes, we’re all full of crap — it doesn’t make much sense. […]

Vagina Marketing

Warning: this rant was inspired by my friend Jenn Whinnem and some bullshit I’ve read and seen in the last couple weeks. If my ‘feminist politics’ get your boxers, briefs, thongs or granny panties in a twist, feel free to bounce […]

Super Sunday: Are you ready for some… Advertising!

Super Bowl Sunday is big money. Parties, hotels big boon for the hosting city, with Dallas owner Jerry Jones hoping for a record-setting crowd. But who cares about the game? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLy4qzV1gL0 Advertising hits the major leagues, big time global brands […]

Death to FREE E-Crap Popup Ads

“Quickest way to get me to NOT read the post you tweeted: cover it with a popup ad for your e-crap.” I started to tweet this yesterday, then I remembered I tweeted that last week, dammit! Do not pass go, […]