Broadway Plays Marketing Moneyball. Hype Wins.

I’m fresh off the plane from NYC (fun!), tons of content at my fingertips. First up: the not original notions that New York City is 1) a wee filter bubble and 2) know how to market Hype. Now Showing: Perspective […]

Slogans, Taglines and the 3 Word Rule

My “3 Hats” has always been more – so how do I succinctly tell people – and WordPress – what this site is about? The Rule of Three It’s a staple of advertising, marketing, writing and speeches – the tagline or slogan […]

Do you relate to your customers?

“You’re not Apple.” That’s ok… you don’t have to be. (Though of course, it’d be nice .. shiny new iPads.) Business 101 Apple’s stuff flies off the shelves, they have an unpaid army of fans and supporters building up their […]

Is your business marketing-proof?

Apple is not “Apple” anymore. Let that sink in for a second. One of the most successful brands in the world (allegedly) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. They report earnings that stretch from here to Saturn and back – with […]

Tis the Marketing Season

It’s always the Season for Shopping. That was a good one from the Wall Street Journal, and it’s true: retailers have carved up the year into approximately 13 to 349 buying seasons. Basically you and your MasterCard get Tax Day and Groundhog […]