Does your business (cards) pass the WIIFM Test?

As a communications consultant, I collect business cards. Luncheons, evening mixers, business events. As a designer, I always toss a few into the “You’re Doing It Wrong” pile. WIIFM You want customers that stick, then you have to think like the […]

You don’t want a cheap website. Trust me.

Driving out of my local grocery store, I saw a promotional sign: Websites starting at $99. Please, please don’t. Why not? A ‘cheap’ website is a waste of money. 1) It won’t be 100 bucks. 2) Your website is your […]

Marketing 101: The Essentials

You have the business plan, the cool product or killer service. You’ve figured out your business model, your three core strengths. And you’ve got a phone (goes-without-typing essential) you’d love to be ringing off the hook with folks wanting to give you […]