Social Sharing: Tweeting Is The New Blog Comment

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Social Sharing is the new blog comment. Or at least when I share something online – typically Twitter though sometimes Google+ and/or LinkedIn – that share includes my two cents, nee comment. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That When blogging […]

Spoiler Alert: There Are No Shortcuts in Good Writing


There are no shortcuts in good writing. “Warm up on your own time,” taught one of my college professors and I’ve appreciated efficiency in story telling (and good writing) ever since. Turning Game of Thrones into a Business Blog Post. […]

Everything Ends. Is Your Business Ready For It?


Everything ends. There’s a time and place for everything, then that changes. The beginning of the end. Again. Creative destruction. Progress. AI and automation taking jobs or closing businesses. Call it what you will, but unless you make a profit […]