What happened to the News? We did.

WE happened to the news. WE happened to journalism. This rant may cost me a career changing dream job, my daring to have thoughts and type them on the Internet. Whatever. Ahem. A recent conversation about where is a ‘safe’ source for […]

In Memoriam: The 9-to-5 Workday

Among the many losses of 2016, the perfunctory 9-to-5 workday bid its final farewell after an oft reported, slow death. Born of the Industrial and Intellectual ages, the 9-to-5 was a bygone reminder of simpler times. It prompted nightmare commutes, […]

Shiny New Year, Same Old Resolutions

Every shiny, happy new year, it’s the same old – or middle-aged – story of making then failing at NY resolutions. I turn the page to the new year (now 2017), flip my middle fingers to the old (nee 2016) and […]

Updating Categories: New Names, Same Blog

Just in time for the new year, updating blog categories is next up on my extreme site makeover to-do list. OUAT I had cute little titles for my blog’s categories, like “what were they thinking?!” or “the good, the bad, the galactically […]

Slogans, Taglines and the 3 Word Rule

My “3 Hats” has always been more – so how do I succinctly tell people – and WordPress – what this site is about? The Rule of Three It’s a staple of advertising, marketing, writing and speeches – the tagline or slogan […]