Updating Categories: New Names, Same Blog

Just in time for the new year, updating blog categories is next up on my extreme site makeover to-do list. OUAT I had cute little titles for my blog’s categories, like “what were they thinking?!” or “the good, the bad, the galactically […]

Slogans, Taglines and the 3 Word Rule

My “3 Hats” has always been more – so how do I succinctly tell people – and WordPress – what this site is about? The Rule of Three It’s a staple of advertising, marketing, writing and speeches – the tagline or slogan […]

You’re Fired (Up)! Keep It Going

Let’s get going. Good choice, bad choice, no choice – things about to change. FTR: I don’t support violence or destruction, ever. Unless you’re trashing Bieber CDs. I don’t usually politics or any ‘one bad tweet’ hooey that blocks my […]

You Have No Choice

no choice

“No other choice?!” That’s me, getting ready for possibly the most dreaded election day in U.S. history. I pulled up my sample ballot, to research the issues – which prompted this post. Much of what impacts daily lives happens closer to […]

Career Change: It’s Time

I am looking for a new career. It’s Time. I am stepping away from my independent practice. I want to focus on doing great work, not running a business. More than that, I want more than PR and social, more than […]