I hate when people say that. (aka Words Matter.)

Words matter. In world where “humblebrag” is in the dictionary and alternative facts are a thing, words matter. A familiar cliche, idiom, or figure of speech may be the quickest, easiest way to make a point. Like shorthand or emojis […]

Why “Bring Me Solutions” Policies are Bad Business

“Bring me solutions” policies are bad for business and should be retired. It’s unrealistic, manipulative, lazy.  Humans have problems. Customers do, companies do, computers do. Employees and stakeholders need proactive leadership, not reactionary order takers. Employees lack authority and resources. Problems […]

Your Brand’s Story Is Already Written

honest kmart

What happens when the story is already written? I got to thinking about this reading an interesting piece suggesting that no matter what really happened, the debate story was already written. Not getting political, talking about pre-conceived notions. As perception […]

Social Media At Work. Not So Fast.

Social media at work is not always the best idea. Social Media Policies Are Important They protect the brand. They protect the employee. (Hootsuite has a good how-to for writing a smart company social media policy.) I’ve read all kinds of employee social […]

Dear Human Resources: Brains Are Not Paper


Brains on paper. That’s what a resume, or a PDF upload, is. NOT. If I Only Had A Brain… Every time I see the “More Than Brains” ad for University of Phoenix I think, wrong. The commercial draws viewers in with the […]