The GAP in the PR vs. Sales Game: The Buyers decide

Will the GAP logo, old or new, make you buy their clothes? NO. That’s what came out in the comments on Spin Sucks post about the GAP crowdsourcing their logo.

A logo–new or old, loved or hated–probably won’t move the sales needle all by itself. It’s about what the logo represents, the brand and its products and services. BTW The people–buyers, bloggers and other snarkers–have spoken. The GAP has gone back to the old logo.

Social media and marketing case studies, dime a dozen.

But I wonder how many people bought a Ford just because of talking with Scott Monty or reading a blog promoting the virtues of the Focus or Fiesta. I’m sure they’re out there, just asking.

There’s a disconnect between PR and Publicity as related to Marketing and Sales. Solution: bring PR into the board room, not as afterthought and have a plan for the publicity and how to turn it back into the marketing program for leads and sales.

Brand loyalty is one thing, personal tastes and preferences another.

I could develop a great relationship with a Dell blogger and Best Buy tweeter. I could read all the blogs, stories and articles about how Microsoft and the Gates Foundation is helping folks around the world. I can hear all the news about how Pepsi may spend $20 million on community service and Yay! for them but the fact remains:

  • You can lead me to water, but you cannot make me buy a PC; I’m sticking with my Mac, even if Apple makes a hideous new logo.
  • If it’s Pepsi on the menu, I order tea or water. I’m a Coke Classic drinker.. unless they try some crappy new formula again.

It comes down to social media marketing strategy.

Are increased sales the ultimate objective? Is it brand worth and value, higher stock prices? Are you rearranging deck chairs with a shiny new logo, but not fixing the product or services? Are you targeting the right people with your viral campaign and increased brand chatter?

The GAP doesn’t make clothes my size, so they didn’t win or lose my business with their recent changes. But the GAP did get me talking about them, and that’s something right?

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