I’m baaack! What’d I miss?

All work and no play makes for some cranky Twittering, right? I went on a vacation last week, had lots of fun and enjoyed a much-needed break from work. (Now I started drafting this blog post during some downtime but that was my silly choice.)

I get by with a little help…

Friends are the awesomest thing ever. Right after oxygen, the Internets and naps. I’m lucky to have a great network of professionals as part of my community to pinch-hit when needed.

  • This year I have met the fantabulous Jenn Whinnem who was kind enough to guest blog for me. She shared an interview with Steve Lettieri of Killer Minnow, a great social media success story for small business. You should read it. Really, read it now!
  • One of my go to colleagues is Kathryn Dawal another solo designer here in Atlanta with whom I’ve worked for years. At last count I owe her about five lunches. I have not needed her to step in with a project but so comforting to know she is there.

Falling back without falling behind


I felt a little cheated getting that “extra” hour of sleep whilst on vacation, but you know, umbrella cocktails made it better.

So that I wouldn’t stress about falling behind, I had my to do list set before I left, making sure there was someone to mind my Solo PR store. Blog, tweet, client projects. Check, check, check.

In Cozumel I found a nice shopping center with pretty iMacs just waiting for me. No line, no waiting, and free. I was told I broke the sound barrier running at them, but hey .. I made it five or six whole days without Internet!!! Like to see you do it. Anyhoodle … I caught up on emails, trashed a bunch of junk, replied to a few blog comments, that sort of thing.

Back at work

One of the biggest parts of my day is reading: blog posts, monitoring and tracking info for clients, following news, emails and pitches. No way to read everything I missed last week (listening to the PRapalooza podcast), so one of my first stops now that I’m back to the wired world has been checking a few of my favorite lists of the top PR and Social Media posts.

Anything else a must read from last week? Tell me.

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Southern Public Relations Federation: Evolution 2010

I was so flattered and honored to be invited to present at @SPRF2010, the Southern Public Relations Federation 2010 Conference. By way of a bibliography and environmentally friendly handout, I’ve linked all the Twitter and blog pages here on this one post.

Shout Outs. Thanks for making this happen go to:

freelance solo pr

Blogs and Articles, cited, referenced, and possibly misquoted in my presentation.

freelance solo pr

RFP, Q&A tips and samples

freelance solo pr

Graphics, Videos

freelance solo pr

Photo Credit: Despair, who sells great demotivational stuff like shirts, calendars and posters.

freelance solo pr

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Think I’m full of it? Tell me. Blog Comments Are Open.

I rant and rave about what ticks me off in the marketing and public relations and social media arenas but it didn’t occur to me, the need for a blog comment policy. Yet a preemptive strike is best as I was told by Grant Griffiths, and I agree: it’s much harder to shove that cat back into the bag.

My Blog Comment Policy is: Comments are Open.

  • Real comments: Welcome and approved. No registration required, just sign in. Do it already!
  • Closed to crap. Spam and “great post” link bait can go for a long walk on short pier.
  • Profanity. Won’t always ban or edit, as I’m saucy with the lingo myself. But a little goes a long way.
  • Pimp thyself? Want to link back to your own posts in your comments? Sure but if that’s all you’ll ever do, your wasting the link love on my little read blog.

Disagree? Bring it.

Blog comments being open is about raising the level of debate, exchanging ideas and engaging with the readers. Comments is where it happens, or so I keep reading from folks like Lauren Gray. Totally agree (though I have future rant coming, as it’s not always the case).

Part of that #sbt10 chat a while back was a realization that there is the real possibility someone will think I am full of crap. At least it’ll make me an official blogger, right Dan?

Feel free to tell me you think I’m full of it, but tell me why you don’t like my post, my blog. Keep it professional and we’ll get along fine. Make it personal, we won’t.

Play nice with the other kids.

While I won’t pretend to throw down with the likes of Olivier Blanchard, I will ask for some basic rules of debate and civility. (Side note: his Twitter rules parody is freakin’ hilarious.)

If you post “Twitter sucks and is of the Devil,” that’s fine; I’ll just agree to disagree. But if you post that “People who like, use and write about Twitter are evil and should burn for all eternity,” NOT so fine.

  • Say why you disagree with another person’s comment, but do not flame that guest.
  • Argue the points, not the person. Debate the topic, not the debater.

Attacking someone for their personal and/or professional beliefs and opinions crosses a line, will get your comment deleted and IP blacklisted faster than if you try to sell me cheap porn or Canadian Viagra.

Props to Danny Brown and #sbt10 chat for inspiring this blog post.

Blog comment rules, what did I miss?

Photo credit: You can buy that mousepad on CafePress.
Atlanta Small Business Marketing Public Relations Social Media
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My Evil Blogging Plan: Keep it Short and Sweet

Inspired … okay, guilt tripped by last week’s #SoloPR twitter chat, I am writing a short, sweet blog post.

Seth Godin has tons of readers and followers because he writes well, intelligently, and more often than not, concisely. But I am no Seth Godin and that’s fine.

Brevity is the soul of wit, right? It’s okay to have something quick to say, and I will add that to my small business marketing plan: shorter blog posts.

My evil plan is working!

I’ve been actively networking via social media for more than a year now. The key word in that sentence: Actively, an adverb describing the action word, networking.

I have connected with so many smart people in the social media, public relations, marketing game via Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog. Shameless self-promotion alert: I had one post make the front page of Social Media Today. For a week! And will be speaking at the 2010 Southern Public Relations Federation Conference this fall, based on this post.

My evil plan is failing!

I write what I know, what will give my audience something they can use, so my posts tend to be about PR, marketing and social media, geared for small business.

Yes I’ve brought value to this space, my readers.. but I haven’t signed new clients as a result of my plan. Yet! That’s a problem, that pesky ROI, one I plan to correct by stepping up my networking and blogging game.

Making the time

My new goal is make my blog a marketing and PR resource for Atlanta small business. I’ll do so by blogging more often, mixing it up and writing shorter, “easier” posts that speak to my target audience of potential clients.

Stay tuned to see if my plan is good, evil, or just dumb. 😉

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Blog or Rant: What’s the Difference, Damnit?!

I loves me a good rant. Scott Stratten at Unmarketing, Bad Pitch Blog, Danny Brown and many others have written great rants on social media and public relations.

Going through several unpublished blog drafts, I moved more than a half dozen posts into a Rants Not Good folder. Just collections of random thoughts or examples of bad tweets, like social media experts who RT all the time… and it’s dead links so you know they are not really reading what they are sharing.

Maybe it does, as it’s more spontaneous and heart-felt. The closest I’ve done and published was a gripe with a bad direct marketing campaign, easy enough to make it relevant to my readers.

I don’t know, this is obviously just filler post but I work at it. I always look for good ideas and source materials for the link love, and yet so many of my thoughts I deem rants and thus, unblogworthy.

I think self doubt is hard-wired into us. And that is a good thing, if it keeps you working and moving forward to being better, doing more and really adding value.

And yet how many times have I read something on Mashable or somewhere, that was picked up by Social Media Today or retweeted a lot, and thought, “I can write or rant something just as good, maybe better.” Hmmm.

So on the Jack Bauer Security Alert Scale, where do your blogs fall?

  • dammit Situation green. Aw shucks “Damn, why did I not blog that?” as you read great stuff by others, RT and save the link to add to your own posts.
  • Damnit You really feel strongly about this, with a capital D. You have charts and stats and links damnit.
  • Damnit! Punctuation mark means you mean business! You won’t let others get away with their wrong ideas and myths and will set them straight.
  • DAMNIT All caps are ON and all bets are OFF and you are hella pissed and will shout it to the world. You’re Peter Finch damnit.
  • DAMNIT!! The all caps and punctuation are out in full force, bringing friends Cursing and Swearing along to the party. Gloves are off, the Man Purse is loaded for bear and your blog will Save. The. World.

A blog, rant or mindless drivel, I guess the point is to just put it out there. Maybe Danny Brown is right and we need to just hit publish already, Damnit.

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